Oct 30, 2010

Wondering what to wear to a Christmas party?  Well, there are a lot of options this holiday season.  Here are five top Christmas party looks that will have you singing “Tis the Season” all night long.

Timeless and Chic

If you prefer a classic silhouette and timeless cut fashion pieces then an updated cocktail dress is the way to go.  Look for sculptured designs made with textured material.  

A cocktail dress is meant to show off your feminine figure and is in its essence an aesthetically pleasing and figure flattering design.
Some of the hottest cocktail dresses include:
  • Phoebe Couture Dupioni Rosette-Side Dress  
  • Calvin Klein Pleated Taffeta Sheath Dress & Bolero
  • BCBG Silk Cocktail Dress
  • J. Mendel Crepe-Back Dress
  • Kay Unger New York Belted Brocade Low-Back Dress
Go for neutral iridescent shades with plenty of visual appeal.  Other great holiday colors include anything gemstone hued including emerald, ruby or sapphire.  However, if you want to stand out from the crowd then try something that will really pop like candy pink or lemon yellow.

New Age Cinderella

The new age Cinderella look is one that inspires fairy tale visions and thoughts of happily-ever-after.  Except of course, you don’t loose a shoe and get to look hot all night long – well after midnight!

Look gorgeous in a dress designed with tulle, decorative confections or gorgeous beaded silk.  You can opt for a floor length gown (depending on how dressy the holiday party is) or a beautifully designed bell skirt.  

 The key to new age Cinderella is to find pieces that make a statement.  It could be a slightly edgy statement or a subtly romantic and ethereal statement.  

The black dress to your left is made by Glamarita and is surreal - simply gorgeous, edgy and urban Cinderella-esque. 

Some of the hottest new age Cinderella dresses include:
  • Strapless Bell Skirt Dresses from After Six by Dessy Group
  • Thayer Print One Sleeve Dress
  • Dare to Be Square Dress -  Modcloth
  • Marc by Marc Jacobs 'Collage Garden' Printed Dress
  • Badgley Mischka Tiered One-Shoulder Organza Gown
  • Valentino Tiered Silk Gown (not affordable but stunningly gorgeous) 
    When wearing a detailed and textured dress like the one above go light on accessories because the design of the dress is what you want to stand out and too many accessories will really take away from the overall style of the dress and will create competing elements.  Simple accessories are best - in gold or silver.

    Simple and Stunning

    Does dressing up make you a little nervous?  Do you like to look chic and stylish but without a lot of fuss?  Then simple and stunning is the look you are going for.  Simply throw on a dress and some shoes and head out the door.  You want to look hot but be comfortable at the same time.

    For a simple and easy Christmas party look you will want to wear a dress.  Perhaps some stockings and sexy high heels; and maybe add a few pieces of jewelry to complete your look.

    Some of the hottest simple and stunning dresses include:
    • Religion Sleeveless V-Neck Drape Dress
    • Pretty Penelope Dress – French Connection
    • Carolina Herrera Draped Waist Crepe Dress – Neiman Marcus
    • Maggy London Lace & Taffeta Party Dress - Nordstrom
    • Betsey Johnson - Lace Flocked Jersey
    When it comes to finding the perfect Christmas party dress or New Year’s Eve ensemble make sure you know what style you are aiming for.  Some women like to make a day of it and get their hair, nails and make up done at the spa before a big night out while others simply like to get ready at the last minute with a quick make up touch up and a change of dress.

    Either way it is important to plan out what to wear to a holiday Christmas party or New Year’s Eve event so that you do not experience an “I have nothing to wear!” moment when all the stores are closed and your party is in an hour.  The top holiday party looks include timeless and chic cocktail dresses, new age Cinderella gowns and simple and stunning jersey style ensembles.

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